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Two of your Boomerguys Editors, Will and George Avgerakis, are members of the International Motorsports Press Association or IMPA.  IMPA sponsors various events throughout the years where representatives of automotive products (like cars), demonstrate their goods and, well, we gen a chance to drive some.

Now, the experience of getting behind the wheel of 20-30 cars in one day is pretty exhausting and a hell of a lot of fun too.  Therefore, we try, in the middle of all the fun, to do something that will benefit our Boomerguys viewers, especially with a consideration to the desires, dreams and well, limitations of being a bit older and more experienced than the average US citizen (or resident).

Therefore, rather than spend a heck of a lot of our dwindling time on earth researching, writing and videotaping our impressions of these cars, we, instead figured out that the Mini Cockpit Review is the best way of making everyone – us and you – happy and somewhat better informed than if you just walked into dealerships and tried to get test drives in 20-30 cars!

So here is the first, the Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels® Special Edition – right from the driver’s seat. For more information, check out the incredible pictures, stats and video at the Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels® Special Edition website:

Special thanks to our newest editor, Susan Luman, who debuts her second video edit here.  Susan, a true Boomergal, is a member of the Civil Air Patrol where she applies her considerable photographic skills out of the cockpit window of an Air Force Cessna 182.  Lately, she has been expanding her photographic skills to include video, video editing and special effects.  We hope to be showing more of Susan’s work in the very near future, including some video productions she is doing around the world.

Keep an eye out for further Mini Cockpit Reviews, and new videos from Boomergal Susan Luman, which we will post as time permits.  Whoo!  Getting old is fun!

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