75th Anniversary of D-Day Invasion

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Those of us who admire our oldest and bravest citizens – those who fought for liberty over the Nazi Fascism of World War II – are fewer than ever before and this will certainly be the last of the major anniversaries where some are still alive to tell the tales.

All the more reason that every American owes it to these heros and to themselves to take at least a day to dedicate to a celebration of their sacrifices.  What better way, then, than to attend a 75th Anniversary event, such as the one staged at the Waterford-Oxcord Airport in Connecticut on Saturday, May 18, 2019.

WWII reenactors on a Jeep that served on D-Day.

Several WWII airbirds were on display as well as landing and taking off amidst their most impressive sounds and smells!  Restored Army and Army Air Force equipment, from an armored Jeep that saw service on D-Day, to the touching Chaplain’s field kit were on display.

This is a great way for anyone of any age, especially a Boomer – even more especially for a Boomer to take a s

on or daughter or grandchildren.  Such an event is never boring (or as they say, “booooohhhhhring!”) and often the progenitor of cross-generation conversations, story telling and deeply emotional boding.  You don’t have to be a Private Ryan.  You don’t even have to have been alive during WWII.  You simply need to

be a little curious, a bit patriotic, and a good, open heart to appreciate something that once, not long ago, meant everything to everybody.

Boomerguys.com wishes to join the author of this video, Ms. Susan Luman, in a silent prayer for the fallen, a thank you to those who survived but left a part of themselves on the battlefield and of course, those who remained home to keep the fire of Liberty burning for the men and women who returned as victors.

Amongst our “Things To Do” category, we can’t thing of a better way to spend a day – or more.  Enjoy, Boomers!

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