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Would you like to be a BoomerGuys author?  CLICK HERE to learn how.

Benefits of being a BoomerGuys author:

  • The more you publish the more famous you get.
  • The more you publish the more swag you get offered.
  • The more you publish the less crap remains in your head.

Repeat this three times:  “It’s good to be a BoomerGuys author.” CLICK HERE.

Would you like to be a BoomerGuys author? CLICK HERE to learn how.


Is it hard to become a BoomerGuys author?  

No.  You just have to be able to write sentences that make sense.  That’s why we call them SENTENCES. CLICK HERE.

Do you get paid or writing articles or BoomerGuys? 

Are you nuts?  No.  Not unless you get into the SuperBoomer category. CLICK HERE.

How do you get into the SuperBoomer category? 

just keep writing articles and we’ll let you know. CLICK HERE.

Does my writing and photography have to be original? 

Oh yes, and by posting you donate your copyright and hold us harmless from anyone who claims you copied their work. CLICK HERE.

Can you get a lot of free sex by being a BoomerGuys author? 

Oh yes, especially If you’re married. CLICK HERE.

What topics are BoomerGuys looking for? 

That’s a dumb question.  This category is one, obviously.  Any other topic under BoomerGuys’ headings are fair game. CLICK HERE.

If I become an author do you give me a profile and do I get a star on your map?

Yes and Yes. CLICK HERE.

Are you getting tired?

Yes.  Too many questions already. CLICK HERE.

George started writing professionally at 16 with an interview of Ray Charles. He founded a leading NYC multilingual…

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